A presentation for EdmontonPy's August 2013 meeting - about decorators in Python. Here, you can read it in plain text or view as a slideshow. If you clone the repo and open the .org file within Emacs, you get live code evaluation and other fun stuff.

View the Project on GitHub MatthewDarling/PythonDecorators

Ways you can view the presentation:

Technical notes

If you're curious, my Emacs setup is available. I used org-present to do the heavy lifting. You'll want to add some hooks to org-present-mode so that it behaves properly - you can see my org-specific configuration from when I presented here. The stuff for org-present is at the bottom, should be pretty clear. Also, before running the various examples, you'll want to eval the code blocks under the "Setup" heading (it may work without doing that, I'm not sure).

Also, I recorded a really awesome/really fragile macro to execute the first code block in a "slide" with one button, and open up the *output* buffer. This worked out surprisingly well! You can see that here. It requires ido-mode to be turned on. (What it's supposed to do: C-s to search, ( to place the cursor inside the code block (what are the odds of a code block not including an opening paren?), C-c C-c to evaluate the code block. The output is sent to a buffer called *output* by the my-post block. So then I hit C-x 4 b, bound to ido-switch-buffer-other-window, and type *out* to select the *output* buffer, and enter to select it. Then I can hit the down arrow key to close the window and kill the buffer.

I also used a script made in AutoHotKey to turn my PowerPoint-focused presenter remote into something actually useful. You can see that here.